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Services to store rainwater and use on demand.

Utilise your roof to capture water for your business needs.

Utilise your roof to capture and store rainwater.

Water is an essential commodity; without it all human activity is limited. Not only is water essential for us to live, it plays a significant role in businesses, whether hospitals or offices. Despite the necessity of water, cheap water is limited in supply. The use of poor water transportation systems and limited filtration of the water supplied decreases the quantity and quality of it to businesses. Eqensu helps businesses to effectively capture, store filter and reuse rainwater in order to reduce costs, utilise its scarcity and enable companies to become independent of their current water supplier.

How do rainwater harvest systems work?

Rainwater harvesting systems collect water by using roof pipes or gutters to collect water that gathers on a roof and then pass it through a filter to stop debris or leaves entering into the water system. The water is stored in a tank above or below ground, then pumped to feed a toilet, washing machine or dishwasher.

Systems often include the following:

Pre-tank filter;

An electric pump; and

A storage tank

In relation to the storage tank there are two options either a gravity fed version that needs a header tank, or a direct system that pumps filtered rainwater straight to appliances. The size of the tank needed depends on the roof area and type, and average local rainfall.

Although such systems can be retrofitted in existing buildings, but it’s more desirable to fit them when building a new property or extension, so that the installation work does n’t cause disruption.

The cost saving of rainwater harvesting systems.

The cost savings from having a rainwater harvesting system are significant. Instead of paying for water, you will only paying for the collection, storage and filtration of the collected water. Therefore once you have finished paying for the system, you will effectively have your own system that will provide your water needs.

In order to provide an adequate costing for the system, we will need to firstly determine what your current water needs are for your business and the average rainfall that can be expected. Once we have determined your needs and possible supply of water, next it will be necessary to identify the amount of space that will be available to store the collected rainwater. After we have completed this assessment we will be able to provide you with an appropriate cost for the system and the sources of prefinance available.

Maintenance, costs and system financing.

Rainwater harvesting systems are designed to last for over 30 years, therefore in the vast majority of cases they will require minimal maintenance, however, there are a number of key things to consider after we design and install the system.

The ability to store and use rainwater is dependent on the environment i.e. the amount, duration and times that water is collected by the system. Therefore consideration should be given to the expected and actual environmental factors necessary for rainwater systems.

Prior to any costing for the system it is important for us to analyse your requirements, the level of rainwater that can be supplied to your system and also the amount of space that you have available for water storage. Once this has been assessed, we will provide a breakdown of the associated costs. Based on the health of your business we will then inform you whether we will be able to prefinance your system or if we will have to discuss alternative arrangements.