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And yes, we are sometimes asked:

"Do panels produce electricity at night?"

General questions:

Are you a solar installation company?

No, although we utilise solar energy to provide you with electricity, Eqensu is not a solar installation company. We work with installers who have Microgeneration Certificates that allow the installed systems to qualify for any applicable feed in tariffs.

How does your service work?

Eqensu provides calculations, systems and support to produce electricity from solar panels and energy storage systems.

Will your service have any effect on my existing infrastructure?

No, our system simply provides another source for your electricity.

So, will it have to stay on my roof?

Yes, because your system is designed to match your needs, so we can’t take it down. However, you’ll be compensated for it being their through profit sharing from feed in and generation payments.

Will you be our only supplier of electricity?

In some cases, yes, however, in most scenarios, customers will need a utility company to provide electricity when the level of solar generated electricity is not able to cater to your demand.

Then why should we use your service, if we will still need another supplier?

Because our rates are considerably lower (in some cases 50% lower). So, if you can get 50% of your supply from us you can make a total saving of 25% of your electricity bill!

How can we get some of our electricity supplied by you?

Ok so after our initial conversation, we will send over our technical team to visit your premises and provide an accurate assessment of how much electricity can be produced by solar panels on your roof. We will then arrange an appointment with a financial broker that can find appropriate financing for the system. Once that’s completed we will install the system for you.

How long will it take for you to install the system?

This will depend on the size of the system. However, whilst installation takes place there will be no loss of service.

What happens if I no longer want the system?

We are convinced that when you go solar, you’ll never go back, especially when the cost of utility prices goes up each year. However, if you do decide that you no longer want the system, we’ll turn the solar panel system into a feed in tariff system that will send electricity to the grid instead of you paying for it each month.

Will having a system increase the value of my property and resulting business rates?

Under current legislation, you will have to pay an increase in business rate taxes when you own a self consumption solar panel system.

Can you assist us to set up a SPV to reduce business rates for our business.

Yes, if you require accountancy services for a SPV we can assist with that. Alternatively, we will advise you how to set up a SPV to reduce business rates for solar self consumption.

Electricity supply questions:

Will I be happy with your service?

Yes. The huge instant savings along with a simple to use service, will make any customer smile.

How much do you charge for supplying electricity?

This depends on several factors such as your location (to determine how much sunlight your system will get), the cost of and duration of financing. Our rates start at approx. 9p per kilowatt hour.

How do you calculate how much electricity will cost?

We base it on the cost of the system and the amount of electricity that it produces.

How are you able to keep your rates fixed?

The price of sunlight does not go up – it’s always free, so why should we charge you more each month for one of God’s gifts?

Who owns the system that produces the electricity?

The system is owned by the finance provider until repayments are complete.

Why am I charged a fixed rate, if the system produces more in the summer than the winter?

Unfortunately, finance companies only understand regular payments. Therefore you will be charged the same amount each month. To compensate for this we have averaged out the amount that you pay each month based on the amount of electricity that the system will produce.

Who will get the Feed in and Generation tariffs from the system?

You will receive any payment from the generation tariff and any income from any exporting to the grid.

General solar questions:

We don’t get much sunlight in my country, how much electricity can I get?

We calculate how much sunlight your system will get on a day of low sunlight and use that as the basis to calculate your system sizing.

Will I have to pay my utility company for electricity that is consumed during the winter months?

If there is a shortfall in the electricity produced by the system because of sunlight levels, then yes.

Will I receive a feed in tariff if I export more than my company uses?

Yes, you will receive all payments when there is more sunlight than expected.

How much maintenance will my system need?

Solar panel systems are very low maintenance and need to be checked once a year.

If my system stops working will I stop getting electricity?

No, a system called a bypass will switch you automatically from solar generated to utility provided electricity.

What type of batteries do you use?

We use lithium batteries with a thirty-year life span.

What type of inverters do you use?

SMA inverters.

How can I view figures relating to how much grid electricity that I use, consumption and generation levels?

Login to your SMA web portal space to view these levels. Alternatively, you can download an app for your phone or tablet PC.