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Renewable energy projects:

We work with companies to provide a range of renewable energy solutions that harvest the environment to provide the necessary tools for essential human needs. Below are a list of our projects ranging from biogas solutions to solar powered ones. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you.


Job title: School anaerobic digester

Job description: Our team led by Paul were asked to work with this client a school to develop a system that would allow stop them having to pay for the removal of waste from their cesspit. They therefore set to work and developed an anaerobic system that would turn the collected waste into a bio fertiliser to be used to improve the productivity of nearby farms.

Job category: Recycling of waste.


Job title: Anaerobic digester for another school

Job description: Another anaerobic digester was commissioned to us by Paul of his team as a result of the good work that they did for a previous job. Like the previous job, this client wanted a system that would reduce their monthly spend on removing waste from their cesspit. As a result of their digester, the client was able to save a significant amount on their bill. In the near future they would like to be able to include a biogas system to generate electricity.

Job category: Recycling of waste


Job title: Solar PV System in Tema

Job description: This client wanted a solar pv system that would fulfil two requirements, namely, to provide electricity that could be net metered to the electricity and also one that would give them electricity when the electricity failed. Although a relatively small system at 2 kilowatts, it was one that we used to gain aa better understanding of grid connectivity in Ghana.

Job category: Solar energy project


Job title: Digester with biogas potential

Job description: With high demand for alternatives to cesspit clearance, we are finding more clients requesting solutions to the high cost of cesspit clearance. This client like numerous others requested a cesspit clearance with the potential to upgrade to a biogas system incorporating storage and the necessary enable the created biogas to be used to power an electric biogas generator and with sufficient gas to cook with.

Job category: Anaerobic digester with future biogas supply


Job title: Rainwater capturing

Job description: Due to the abundance of rain during the seasons of May to August, rainwater is a valuable source of free grey water that can be used within non domestic and industrial settings. Furthermore with the high price of water this client wanted a system that although not able to provide total water solution, nonetheless we were able to provide a system that reduced their water consumption by over 30%.

Job category: Rainwater harvesting systems


Job title: Solar PV system for a non domestic client.

Job description: A solar PV project with the emphasis on supplying electricity to the non domestic customer. With limited roof space we were able to suggest to the client for them to have a ground mounted system. By using a roof and non roof based array we were able to provide a cheaper and more reliable source of electricity.

Job category: Solar energy project