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Low cost per kwh and high baseload capacities.

We assist you to procurement medium & small scale hydropower solutions.

Renewable energy from hydropower:

Fuelled by water, hydro power offers the potential for significant power production. However, hydropower need not be restricted to large sized systems, over 1 megawatt and over. Hydropower and dams are capable of providing much smaller power; in numerous cases from 10 kilowatts and above. Furthermore, with a number of large-scale dams already in service, adding up the potential power production from small and medium systems can produce enough electricity to match the larger dam projects.

Eqensu works with a number of players within the enrgy sector as well as entities that require the power produced by hydropower. Whether, its industrial companies that require a non interrupted power source or cheaper than grid electricity, we work with them you to find a viable solution. Give us a call to discusss your needs or abilities.

The advantage of hydropower plants:

Smaller scale dams and water systems provide the same advantages as the larger scale dams, however, they can also have a better impact on the environment due to their irrigation potential.

They provide a good power source that can be used 24/7.

Dams are increasingly being used as a form of energy storage solution for solar pv systems – pump storage.

Dams can provide a regular and cheap source of electricity over a significant period of time.

The disadvantages of hydropower plants:

The decision to start a hydropower project requires a significant amount of planning, financial resources and consideration of those that will be impacted by the creation of a dam. In many cases, funding for new dams has been difficult to achieve due to the myriad of environmental challenges out forward.

As with all forms of renewable energy, hydropower is dependent on the environment, in this case the level of rainwater. If rainwater levels drop substantially then the actual power output of the system will be adversely affected.

Due to the complexity of most dams and hydropower projects, in most cases they should not be developed by individual power consumers. Rather, it is only utilities and other potential wholesale suppliers that develop these systems.