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Solar panels + batteries + utility electricity.

It's really that simple when it comes to understanding the service.

Use solar + storage to create a new balance between the electricity you can self-generate and require.

Full Solar for Premises

The business is a low electricity user. It has a large roof space and so can accommodate a large solar panel array. Based on this analysis, it can get 100% of its electricity from solar panels + batteries. It can make a saving of 50% on its monthly electricity bill.

Partial Solar for Premises

This business is a high electricity user. It has a small amount of roof space and cannot accommodate a large solar panel array. Based on this analysis, it can only get 50% of its electricity from solar panels + batteries and the rest will come from a conventional electricity supplier. It will therefore make a saving of 25% on its monthly electricity bill.

Example of how solar storage works


Using space to produce electricity:

Unutilised roof space has a significant opportunity cost. Most organisations are not aware of the significant electricity generation and cost saving that be experienced using solar pv in conjunction with storage. In this mock up the school is able to install a 300 kilowatt solar pv system that would generate a significant amount of electricity.


See how much you can generate:

With the system installed, the property can generate significant amounts of electricity. Even in the months of November – January electricity is generated by the available sunlight. The total amount of solar generated electricity that will be produced is 308,624 kwh with a total value of £46,297 (based on a cost of £0.15 per kilowatt hours.


Where solar panels should face:

To gain the most amount of electricity, solar panels installed in the North Hemisphere need to be tilted and face South. Therefore, the panels have been positioned in a manner that they are not significantly obscured by roof shadowing and can gain the maximum amount of sunlight.


Solar panels do not damage roof structures, bad roofs damage roof structures:

The majority of roofs can have solar panels installed with minimal fuss. In this scenario, the relevant mounting device are selected that will be screwed into the timber battens that lie under the aluminium sheets. The weight to surface area ratio will be low meaning that each m2 will not bear more than 7kg per 1 meter. See our final side for more information.


The brands that we use:

We use three of the best brands for our solar storage solutions. With the combination of Canadian Solar, SMA and Tesvolt our customers can rest assured that they are purchasing products that each have a guarantee of at least 15 years and in will last even longer.


More information regarding mounting system:

To find out more about the various kinds of roof mount systems and to see exactly how solar panels are installed, please view full specifications on this pdf sheet.

Tell us how much you pay monthly for your electricity bill

Every electricity bill provides an idea of your kilowatt hour usage. If you can tell us how much your business uses each month even better. By using part solar to provide your premises with electricity you will be receiving some (or all) of your electricity without the additional costs that are associated with grid electricity (as much as 48% of your bill is not based on your consumption of electricity).

Sign up to the service in 3 easy steps

Every situation will be different. Some premises will have a large roof area and small consumption and others will be the opposite. Based on these factors, we will let you know how much roof space can be used to generate what percentage of your electricity needs.

Based on the size of your system and your financials, we will inform you how much less you’ll pay for your electricity

In most cases entities will chose against purchasing a solar panel system for their business. We don’t recommend you purchase a system as this will increase your business rates when it comes to the next valuation of the premises. Therefore, we will secure the financing so that you pay for the usage of the system and avoid significant increases to your business rates.

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