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The Eqensu Foundation:

Ensuring that developing communities do not miss the renewable revolution.

Universal access to electricity:

Perceived as a universally accessed utility, electricity is a scarce commodity for many within the developing world. According to the World Bank in their yearly publication entitled “The State of Electricity Access Report 2017”, despite the ability of universal electricity to have a positive impact on 17 key Sustainable Development Goals, by 2040 half of the population in Africa will still be without access to electricity. The concentration of the people without access to electricity will be predominantly within the Sub Saharan region. With the lack of electricity impacting several key public services such as schools and hospitals, the lack of electricity is unfortunately linked to lower literacy rates and higher mortality rates.

The Renewable Revolution:

As part of our social and equitable statement, we are striving to ensure that less developed countries are not left out of the renewable energy revolution. The adoption of renewable energy by leading economies such as China, USA and Germany has seen the marginal cost of solar generated electricity decrease substantially. The cost of electricity generated by polar panel systems in many countries is cheaper than grid generated electricity. An often-misunderstood reason for the lack of sufficient electricity in African countries is not the source of electricity generation, rather it is the ability to transport the electricity to where it is needed. So, in other words, it is not that African countries cannot produce electricity, it is rather that they do not have the grid infrastructure to transport electricity from where it is produced to where it is needed. Solar systems get over this hurdle as they are decentralised systems that generate electricity for the area / region where they are installed. It is therefore safe to say that solar energy systems offer an even greater tool for developing countries.

Sustainable charitable purposes:

At Eqensu we are taking a two-pronged approach to achieving our charitable purpose. Not only will we seek donation from donors, our business entity will also give a percentage of its earnings to the charitable part of the business. Our charitable organisation is geared to working with a wide range of individual and corporate donors in the UK to increase the awareness of our purpose. We will use a wide range of methods to raise funds and awareness of our charitable purpose. We will also use a percentage of the sales revenue from our business division to support the work done by our charitable division.

Take the time to view our latest news regarding the level and status of our charitable donations by visiting our Just Giving Donations Page.