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Energy types:

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is a method of collecting and storing water that falls as rain. It is then stored and used either as water for non essential services and in some cases purified into drinking water.

I would like to install a system but not at the location of my business, is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to install a system that is not at the same location of your business. However, any installation will be subject to suitable land and connection to the electricity grid. Due to losses as a result of transporting electricity from one location to another, expect to receive a percentage of the electricity produced and to pay for transporting the electricity to its end destination.

What types of energy do you assist with?

We assist with renewable energy projects and focus on solar, biogas and pico hydro solutions.

What type of energy is best for my business?

The best renewable energy to use will depend on the environmental factors and potential fuel sources within your local. We will work with you to produce the best outcome to your energy needs.

Do you design, procure and install the systems?

We work with a number of companies outside of the developing world to provide renewable energy projects. However, we firmly believe in adhering to local content policies and where possible will use local labour force.


How do I apply for a financed energy system?

Complete the application form link or alternatively click here.

Why do I need to send a copy of my company audited reports?

This will be used to form the basis of our decision as to whether we can finance your system.

What are the next steps after I complete the application?

We will review your application and if we believe that there is a chance that we can arrange financing, we will give you an energy audit to complete. This will seek to determine amongst other things your total energy or water consumption, as well as the most suitable source of energy production. Once we have determined the most suitable system, we will create a visual model with our design team. The energy form, mock-up and your financials to source the most appropriate installer and the required funding.

How long will this whole process take?

This will depend mostly on the source of financing that is secured and can range from 2-4 months from the completion of the energy audit.

If I have been rejected can I reapply?

If we are not able to accept your application the first-time round, you can apply after 12 months but need to demonstrate what has changed in your business to warrant a second application.


What is the source of funding for renewable energy projects?

We work with a number of financial institutions such as investors, banks and exim guarantee providers to source medium term funding for renewable energy projects.

What interest rate and loan terms are applicable for projects that are prefinanced?

This will depend on numberous factors and can only be answered when an official application is made. It is our priority however, to ensure that any repayments match or are less than your current or potential electricity, gas or water bills.

What currency are repayments made in?

This will depend on numberous factors, however, where possible we will seek to match your current payment regime as much as possible. However, please note that local and foreign rate loans will attract significantly different interest rates.

What various types of finance agreement do you work with.

We will present a number of different solutions including power purchase agreements, lease, rent and ownership models. With power purchase agreements, you will pay for each unit of electricity that your consume, whereas with the other options you make a payment towards the system that can gradually result in ownership.

When does ownership transfer from you to us?

This will depend on the duration of the agreement. After the end of the agreement ownership will transfer to you.


Is maintenance cost included in any repayments?

Yes, operation and maintenance costs are included as part of your repayment plan.

How much maintenance is required for the renewable energy systems?

This will of course depend on the renewable energy type. For solar panel systems the amount of maintenance required to keo the system in top shape is limited to the cleaning of panels to avoid panel shading. However, for the different systems i.e. biogas and hydro systems, a greater amount of funding is required.

What happens to my maintenance agreement once ownership is transferred to me?

Once you have completed the payment plan, ownership will transfer to you, meaning that no more payments are due. However, at the time of providing the supposed financial agreement, we will provide a quote for maintaing the system after the end of the agreement. You may opt for a third party to provide maintenance of your system