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= equilibrium + energy + supply

The name Eqensu comes from the combination of three words: equilibrium, energy and supply. We believe that no one form of energy generation can provide an economy with its energy needs. Changes in the environment and limited energy storage capabilities, means that a number of different sources of renewable energy are required to cater for base and peak demand of electricity.

Eqensu are an energy consultancy unlike any agencies in the energy sector. We are focused on providing the different stakeholders in the energy sector with a knowledgeable and fast turnover service.

Our target market are countries that have been classified as developing countries. We however prefer to use the term newly industrialising countries (NIC). This countries represent a market of huge potential due to chronic under development in their energy infrastructures.

We focus our consultancy on the provision of electricity that is derived from renewable energy sources, this is in part borne from the numerous opportunities and favourable environments that NICs have and our sincere belief that our days of relying on fossil fuel are numbered.

At Eqensu we understand a number of the problems that impede the speed of development in NIC countries. The largest impediments to renewable energy projects are the often high start up costs attributed to developing renewable energy projects and the perceived fear of decentralised energy by nationalised utilities who are concerned by the prospect of independent power production.

A further factor that slows the rate of adoption is the cultural and knowledge gap between the different stakeholders in the energy sector. It is our ability to understand all perspectives (that of the financiers, manufacturers and end users in NICs) that gives us our speed and competitive advantage.

In order to facilitae acceptance of foreign companies into developing countries, we ensure that all investors into the renewable energy space comply with relevant local content policies. This may take a number of guises ranging from the use of local skilled and semi skilled labour to local equity shares and / or listing on local stock exchanges. Whatever the chosen methodology, we ensure that local industries can also benefit from foreign investment.



Kwame Osei

Co Founder and Chief Installer

As co founder, Kwame is responsible for developing and implementing Eqensu within the domestic setting. A qualified domestic installer, he works with customers to match their electricity and renewable energy needs. With Stefan, together they are Team Eqensu and provide direction for the team.

Luis Montgerrey

System Engineer

The development of a solar storage system requires a methodical person and Luis fits these requirements. He comes to us with AutoCAD, Solar PV training and five years’ worth experience of designing systems for consumers within Europe and South America.

Francesca Napoli

Business Development Officer

As Business Development Officer, Francesca has a passion for communicating and spreading news. Consequently, we thought it would be a good idea to recruit her as our officer charged with creating a business buzz. If you've heard us on the phone, its probably from her!

Reginald Nuno

Solar Systems Technician and Electrician

Reginald provides the technical and ground expertise for our solar energy systems. Having worked considerably for the Electricity Company Ghana, he has the fundamental skills of an electrician. This has enabled him to effectively seperate loads and connect grid tied systems to the grid.

Paul Tengey

Engineer and Bio gas design consultant

Paul Tengey is a graduate from the university for development studies with a major in Bsc. Applied Physics. Prior to commencing the design and installation of biogas systems he carried out research in designing a unique system to pasteurize milk.


Oliver Akoto Kwesi

Water Systems Manager

Oliver has Degree from the Presbyterian University of Ghana and specialised in Marketing and Finance. It is in his role at Ghana Water Company Limited that he developed and understanding of water management and its financial implications. With Paul, he is able to develop comprehensive modelling for water harvesting systems to demonstrate the cost savings that one can benefit from their use.