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The Eqensu service is simply:

“A transparent and environmentally aware provider of energy services for you”.


= equilibrium + energy + supply

As a company that supplies electricity to non-domestic customers using various sources (solar pv systems, solar storage and utility electricity), we wanted a name that would demonstrate our method of operation: using a varied and balanced number of sources supply electricity.

With that in mind we thought of the name Equilibrium Energy and Supply but as you can guess using that as our domain name is a mouthful. So, we opted for the name Eqensu an amalgamation of three words.

A new electricity company with a different philosophy – we reduce your utility rates by using multiple sources of electricity generation. Eqensu aside from being a cheap provider of electricity, we are also

We are an electricity supply company with a difference. To give our customers the best possible service, we rely on a multi-source model to supply electricity to non-domestic customers.

We work with a number of key partners to provide the following services to our customers – expert solar installers with microgeneration certification, finance brokerage services to get you the best long term solar funding and a dedicated customer service team who are there to give the same level of service to you whether you're a new or existing customer.

Stefan Uros

Managing Director and Co Founder

Stefan is responsible for the development of business relationships and promoting the brand to the public. Despite coming from a sales background Stefan understands the importance of brand development 

Kwame Osei

Co Founder and Chief Installer

As co founder, Kwame is responsible for developing and implementing Eqensu within the domestic setting. A qualified domestic installer, he works with customers to match their electricity and renewable energy needs. With Stefan, together they are Team Eqensu and provide direction for the team.

Jason Scott

System Engineer

The development of a solar storage system requires a methodical person and Jason fits these requirements. He comes to us with AutoCAD, Solar PV training and five years’ worth experience of designing systems for consumers within Europe and South America.

Francesca Napoli

Business Development Officer

As Business Development Officer, Francesca has a passion for communicating and spreading news. Consequently, we thought it would be a good idea to recruit her as our officer charged with creating a business buzz. If you've heard us on the phone, its probably from her!