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Two words and one phrase to describe our service:

“Simple, Transparent & Environmentally friendly.”


= equilibrium + energy + supply

As a company that supplies electricity to non-domestic customers using various sources (solar pv systems, solar storage and utility electricity), we wanted a name that would demonstrate our method of operation: using a varied and balanced number of sources supply electricity.

With that in mind we thought of the name Equilibrium Energy and Supply but as you can guess using that as our domain name is a mouthful. So, we opted for the name Eqensu an amalgamation of three words.

A new electricity company with a different philosophy – we reduce your utility rates by using multiple sources of electricity generation. Eqensu aside from being a cheap provider of electricity, we are also

We are an electricity supply company with a difference. To give our customers the best possible service, we rely on a multi-source model to supply electricity to non-domestic customers.

We work with a number of key partners to provide the following services to our customers – expert solar installers with microgeneration certification, finance brokerage services to get you the best long term solar funding and a dedicated customer service team who are there to give the same level of service to you whether you're a new or existing customer.

Kwame Osei

Managing Director

As founder and Managing Director, Kwame is responsible for the direction and maintaining the core principles of Eqensu, whether business or charitable. A former secondary school teacher and creative thinker, he is the passion and brains behind Eqensu.

Stefan Uros

Business Development Manager

Stefan is responsible for the development of business relationships and promoting the brand to the public. Despite coming from a sales background Stefan understands the importance of brand development 

Jason Scott

Systems Engineer

The development of a solar storage system requires a methodical person and Jason fits these requirements. He comes to us with AutoCAD, Solar PV training and five years’ worth experience of designing systems for consumers within Europe and South America.


"Lights From Nature Foundation"

In 2015, our Managing Director took a sabbatical from his teaching job and travelled to Ghana. He was troubled to see a huge difference in the availability of electricity there compared to in the UK. Furthermore, with the abundance of sunlight in Sub Saharan Africa, the limited usage of solar energy was perplexing. He soon realised that the reason for the low adoption of solar energy was due to the relative high cost and inferior storage devices (batteries).

Whilst electricity is considered a basic and universally enjoyed utility in the UK, the same cannot be for Ghana. For even the most wealthy people, the supply of electricity is erratic and has to be supplemented with the use of power generators. Though Ghana has a relatively high rate of urban electrification, in rural areas, the supply of electricity is much more limited.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, Eqensu seeks to work with organisations in the United Kingdom and other developed countries on a charitable basis. We seek to generate funds to provide a number of rural schools with electricity derived from solar energy. For less than £10,000, a rural school can be provided with a source of electricity that will last for over 25 years. Think of how much learning can take place with electricity for lighting and possibly computers!

We hope that you will find our charity cause inspiring and will join so that we can generate enough funds to provide children in Ghana with electricity at school and a better education. persuasive’ could make them be on their guard against being persuade against their own better judgement. With ‘inspiring’, they get the idea that they might get excited about the opportunity.

Nana Serwah

Ghana Charity Officer

Nana Serwah is charged with being our person on the ground in Ghana - a key component of our charitable business. She works with the Ministry of Education of Ghana and GetFund to determine which schools can be assisted as well as the best way for us to achieve our objective. With multi lingual abilities, she is able to work within many distinct regions within Ghana.

Kwame Osei

Chair person

As a trustee of our this division, Kwame will work with other members of the team to ensure that our activities are in line with our charitable purpose. At all monthly meetings, the trustees will discuss ways in which we can engage with more stakeholders to increase charitable donations.

Francesca Napoli

Charity Secretary

Francesca is the second trustee for our charitable organisation. Her particular passion is to see how the lives of people in developing countries can be impacted in a positive manner. Bringing a strong amount of passion, we are firm in our belief that Francesca's enthusiasm will make her an excellent member of our team.

Richard Obeng Dwemoh

Charity Treasurer

Richard is the third trustee for our charitable organisation. As a charity that seeks transpirancy and value for money, we are keen to ensure that all procurement is completed via competitive processes. To that end, Richard will provide an oversight of the charity in this regard and will assist to ensure that our business and charitable divisions are always distinct entities.