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Solar storage from Eqensu.

The perfect balance of utility, solar and storage to provide the cheapest supply of electricity.

What is solar storage?

Solar storage is a form of energy generation and supply that occurs when the electricity generated by solar panels are used to power items within your premises. Although not new, the use "new generation" storage batteries have enabled electricity from solar panels and other renewables more reliable and better able to power items requiring electricity.

Solar ownership vs electricity bills.

By using solar and storage systems, you are not only becoming your own producer and supplier of electricity, you are also positively affecting the environment by getting your electricity from a renewable and clean source.

Solar storage is cheaper than continually paying electricity bills because unlike electricity bills that are determined by energy prices, with solar storage you are paying for an item that produces the amount of electricity that you need.

Use our online calculator to estimate how much it will cost for you to own a solar panel system that can generate the same amount of electricity as your organisation consumes.

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*Factors such as complex electricity tariffs, daily sunlight and roof tilt can affect the relationship between your current electricity rate and any potential rates. Call our sales team to get a fine-tuned calculation.

Increase your solar energy consumption

Become secure in the knowledge that your solar payments are fixed for the next 25 years as you are paying for a system.

Get that happy feeling when your system generates more electricity than your business consumes.

Be knowledge by viewing the daily, weekly or monthly amount of electricity being generated by your system.

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